Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Moving On from the Election

I'll just admit right here in the blogger world that my candidate for president did not win. While I often speak of politics in code so as not to offend anyone, I don't mind saying with pride and conviction that I voted for John McCain. I vote pretty much always based on one criteria: character. And it is always my preference that godliness tops the list of the character traits I'm looking for, but I don't always find that. To me, John McCain has proven himself to have a strong character based on a devotion to God, family and country. He has proven himself a servant to his country and I felt most comfortable voting for him to serve as my president. I didn't agree with him on every issue, but I felt I could trust him to make wise and responsible decisions. But alas, he didn't win.

I do not believe Obama is terribly lacking in character; I am only most concerned about the personal associations he has made over the years. I am a firm believer that you can tell a person's character by the company he keeps. The fact that Obama has aligned himself with people such as Ayers and Reverend Wright causes me to wonder about his judgment and motives. Will he continue to align himself with people of questionable character during his presidential term? I hope not.

That said, I am determined to move on from this election with hope and respect for the man who will be our next president. I feel strongly led of the Lord to pray for Mr. Obama, his family, and his administration. I also feel convicted to guard my tongue and, more importantly, my attitude. I am writing of these convictions publicly so that you can hold me accountable to them. Specifically, I am going to do my best to speak respectfully and honorably of our president. I may disagree with his decisions and policies, but I will not speak negatively of his character, his attempt to lead, his personality, or his leadership choices. He has won this election fairly and obviously God has allowed him to step to the forefront at such a time as this for a reason. In fact, perhaps there are some very good things that will come of his presidency. At any rate, I will put my trust in our good and sovereign God and give my respect to the next President of our United States.