Monday, May 5, 2008

Where I'd Rather Be

Today I'm working hard at the computer all day. I got behind on my devos last week because I was ill for two days, went out of town for a day with my family and then had to devote a lot of time to the women's event on Saturday. So I'm probably going to miss my deadline, which is today. But I'm trying to at least get everything done by tomorrow because my parents are coming for a visit then! At any rate, I thought I'd post a picture of where I'd rather be today-on the Appalachian Trail! I hiked a portion of it just about this time last year with my best friend, Kim, and my favorite aunt, Ida. We had a blast and can't wait to do it again next year!

My Aunt Ida, myself, and Kim right before we put our packs on our back and hit the trail. Notice our hair still looks really good. It started to rain just minutes later and our hair never looked good again - for four days!

Me and Kim toward the end of the backpacking trip. I know this because Kim has on her knee brace that a kind hiker had given her on the last night. She pulled something in her knee that made the last two days of hiking very difficult for her.

Me and Aunt Ida on an ascent or descent, can't really tell. After all, it was one ascent and descent after another! Just beautiful too! We could see forever!

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Anonymous said...

Great blog! Best one yet. I agree it's "where I would rather be, too!!" You are the best!