Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Thespian

I've decided I'm not going to wait until the night I'm watching Abby receive her first Oscar to say, "That's my girl!" I'm going to claim her right now and hope she remembers to mention me during her acceptance speech on that dazzling night.

Our Abigail is quite the actress. Recently she was inducted into Buena High School's local chapter of the International Thespian Society. Each of the 7 inductees had to do a short performance of some kind. A couple of the students played musical instruments, one danced, and four performed monologues. I know I'm biased, supposedly, but Abby really was the best. And that's not to say the other students didn't do well. They all did impressively well. But Abigail somehow managed to even shed a tear in a two minute monologue. How in the world do you get a tear out in two minutes? But she did, and it seemed real and genuine.

We're proud of Abigail's talents, and petrified at the same time. She actually wants to pursue a career in the field of acting, or directing or editing - something to do with drama. That would be a little scary for most parents, especially parents who are trying to raise a godly young woman who will keep herself set apart from the world while treading lightly through it. I'm excited at the prospect that God may have a great plan for her in New York or Hollywood, but I'm daunted by the fact that Satan has plans for her too. Anytime someone tries to make an impact in such a godless portion of our world, a portion that is largely mastered by the deceiver and prince of this world, he is bound to get agitated and do his best to work against her. Lord help our Abby to make her mark without bearing the marks of this world. While we certainly don't claim to know for certain that Abigail will ever make it in the entertainment industry, we have already begun to pray for her protection and her godly influence in the event she does "make it there."

Recently I heard someone say, "Your talents and abilities are your gift from God; what you do with them is your gift to Him." It is simply our hope that Abby will always used her gifts for good and for God. Oh, and to Him be all the glory!

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