Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas at Our House '09

Welcome "Christmas Tour of Home" Friends!

Welcome to Christmas at our house! 
We're not fancy, but very comfortable and nostalgic. 

The dining room is the first room you see as you enter our home. I love this metal tree. I use it for Easter and occasionally Valentine's Day too, with different ornaments of course!

Another view of the dining room featuring one of my favorite Christmas treasures: a fairly rare Blue Ridge China Christmas Tree plate in mint condition.

My husband gave it to me one Christmas along with 11 other Blue Ridge plates in a 12 Days of Christmas extravaganza. I got a plate a day for 12 days and this was the 12th.


This tapestry of the three wise men actually hangs in my dining room year round, but it is especially significant at this time of year. I just can't bear to take it down after Christmas.

We have a couple of nativity sets. This one sits in the dining room on a table that belonged to my great grandmother. I love the fact that I have this precious little children's book to sit beside it.

We got a new tree last year and everyone in my family except me is still miffed about it. The old one was exceptionally gorgeous, but it took a full day to assemble and then it took me a whole day and a lot of scratches to put the lights on. This one has lights already, though one strand has already burned out! :(

The tree is decorated with the same bows, candles, and garland we started with over 20 years ago. But we've added hundreds of ornaments over the years. I think we have over 400 now. Some belong to my two kids (Cherished Teddies for Abby and Santas for Daniel)and will leave with them one day (boo hoo!) and others were collected on vacations. And I have a few created by my children which are very precious to me.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

These are my hikers!

This is Abby's newest one.

This is a Hallmark ornament modeled after the very first Barbie I had as a little girl. Love it!

One of my Madame Alexander ornaments my friend Kim gives me every year.

Two vacation ornaments and one of Daniel's Santas.

By the way, James has a whole tree for his own ornaments at his office. They are, fittingly, all shepherds.

This little mouse hangs on our drapes every year.

 Greats me every morning.

Maybe you'd like to join me for a cup of hot tea now?

Hey! Join me at my other blog for a 15-day Journey to Bethlehem!

Merry Christmas!


Kim Tucker said...

Very, Very Cute!!

brooke said...

Beautiful home and beautiful decorations. I love the Barbie ornament the most!

Hideaway Girl said...

Your home looks wonderful! I love ornaments that have meaning or sentimental value - there are plenty of kid-made ones on our tree.

Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Your house looks beautiful! I love the centerpiece on your dining room table.

RR Mama said...

I love your table tree. And your tree is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and have a Merry Christmas! said...

I love the three wiseman tapestry. I wouldn't take it down either!

Room to Inspire said...

Everything looks so cozy! The tree on your kitchen table is so charming - great addition to your holiday decor.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kay, you have a BEAUTIFUL home! Beautiful because of the decorating touches but also the lovely lady behind it. :O)

Lovin' the Barbie ornament!

Sue said...

You have done a beautiful job decorating your home, what beautiful ornaments too.

Dana D said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. And, thank you for leaving such sweet words! I hope you do get a kitchen tree sometime soon! It's a little indulgence that goes a long way! (I bought mine for $5 after Christmas last year at Dillards.) I love your great-grandmas's nativity. Don't you just love having special keepsakes from loved ones?

Beth E. said...

Thanks for the have a beautiful home. I'm lovin' that metal tree!! What a great idea to decorate it for other holidays.

Thank you so much for entering the giveaway I'm having. Good luck!

Ashli said...

Is it wrong I want to steal you tree? 'Cause that metal tree has about 100 possibilities!

Brittany said...

Everything looks just like Christmas should, warm and wonderful. Thanks for the visit, and Merry Christmas!

Cara said...

Your table tree is so neat, and I love all of the ornaments on your tree!

Rebecca.Alburn said...

So unique and beautiful! Merry Christmas!