Monday, November 26, 2007

Everyone Where They Belong

I am so thankful for 4 blissful days of family, family, family. Mind you we didn't get to see any of our extended family this Thanksgiving. We live too far away and school is only out Thursday and Friday allowing absolutely no travel time to drive clear across the country, or even halfway across the country. But we had 4 days of great family time for the 4 in our immediate family.

We ate together more than we've eaten together in months. We watched movies and television shows and football games together. Even Daniel sat down to watch TV a few times, a real rarity. We served together, side by side, at the Salvation Army Thanksgiving meal Thursday. And we even had some real conversations. We all pitched in to decorate the house for Christmas and we rubbed elbows with each other numerous times as we did odd jobs around the house. We were together. Very together. What a blessing!

But now... Everyone has gone back to their respective corners of the world. Daniel is at his high school, probably eating lunch with his friends about now. Abby is probably doing math with her small class of 8th graders at the academy. And James is catching up on correspondence in his office at the church. Oh, and I am back in my home office typing away on my computer keyboard. I had my coffee and breakfast all by myself this morning in still silence. I read my Bible and straightened the kitchen in sweet silence. And I took a shower, made the bed and gathered everything I might need for a long day in my office, still in complete silence. Alone. Ah...what a blessing!

Yes, it is indeed a blessing to spend time with the ones you love. But perhaps what makes that together time so sweet is the fact that most of the time we are apart. And apart is a blessing too. Do I have a witness?!

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