Monday, December 3, 2007


Today I woke up to my alarm clock at 6:30. I bounded out of bed, scurried to awaken my teenage son who can't seem to wake up to his own alarm clock, and rushed to the shower. I had stuff to do!

Most days I do not, I admit, wake up with such vigor. Often I lie in bed for several minutes before slowly shifting my body to a somewhat standing position. I then lumber to the bathroom, look in the mirror and groan, and head off to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. While I actually consider myself a morning person, I still have a hard time jump starting my engine most days. Not so today.

Not only did I get an early and energetic start this morning, I've bound through the rest of my day on high octane as well. I spoke at a MOPS meeting this morning, straightened my house and did some dishes, did some research on line for upcoming articles and prepared for a mentoring session this afternoon, all with energy to spare. And as I type this blog entry now, I can barely keep from jumping from my chair and scurrying off to another chore. Man! I've got energy today!

Don't worry. I'm not on drugs and, while I have had several cups of coffee this morning (that's what we do at MOPS meetings, don't you know!) I don't even think it's the caffeine that's keeping me super charged. I just have energy. Maybe it can be attributed to the fact that I slept until 12:00 noon Saturday - something I haven't done since I was a teenager. You see, we had a terrible wind storm all night Friday and I could not sleep. The winds were raging at more than 50 miles per hour and things were flying! So I finally went to sleep about 6:00 am. Consequently I slept in until 12:00. What a luxury. I knew I had really slept in late when I finally got up and found my 17-year-old son was already out of bed. Oh my!

But that was days ago. No, I don't think my energy today is attributed to sleeping until noon on Saturday. Too much has gone on since then. Here's what I think. I think I have simply been blessed with a clear since of purpose and drive today. So many times I let distractions, emergencies, and "little things" cause me to lose focus. Losing focus causes me to bog down on the insignificant and trivial. Bogging down causes me to get sluggish and lazy. What a mess. But today, I have managed, by the grace of God and a good and blessed quiet time with the same, to stay focused. Thus, I have energy to do just what He has called me to do.

Energy. What a blessing! Especially the older I get!

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Kate said...

Love your post...I could use some of that energy right now. I'm currently under the weather and have 3 papers and a presentation due Wednesday. hmmm, so here I am blogging. :)
Saw you on the LPM site and had to stop in 'cause your blog name made me smile. I'm not a bird person, but I do love watching them. I have a friend who studies birds and knows the names of every one she sees. Well, we were up at the cabin watching the birds and I saw a pretty blue bird so I said "what a pretty blue bird" and she went on and on because it was actually a Stellars Jay. Of course my friends and I got such a kick out of her that it remained a blue bird all weekend, and we started naming other birds by their color too. It was a traumatic weekend for my friend, but our bird lectures sure made it fun for us.
Just had to share.
Many blessings to ya,