Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bound to be a Blessing

Another fun fellowship with the women of my church! This one was not only fun, but quite meaningful. We were kicking off a year of concentrating on ministry opportunities. I talked with the ladies about not only giving big, but giving small. Here's the basic outline:
  1. The biggest gifts are often wrapped in small packages - Matthew 25:31-40- parable of the sheep and goats (teaches me I need to be on the lookout for little ways I can serve, lend a hand, or give. It may be a little thing to me, but it may mean a lot to the one I'm helping.)
  2. A small gift sometimes costs a whole lot more than a big gift - Luke 21:1-4 - the widow's gift of two tiny coins (I need to be prepared to sacrifice when I give. It may be a little thing, but it may cost me a lot.)
  3. Small gifts often open big doors - James 2:14-18 - (I need to be sensitive to people's most pressing needs. They may be big obstacles on the path to their salvation. Meeting those basic needs may open the door to sharing the gospel.)
Well, that's a very sketchy outline, but I think we were all motivated to give small! After all, as we discovered, giving small can be a really big thing.

At any rate, here are the pictures of our event. Fun and beautiful! Kudos to our women's ministry team and all their hard work!

Each place setting included one of these lovely flower-cookies created by Rosita.

Decorations: Yellow, orange & green pompoms hung from the ceiling. Freshly potted flowers served as centerpieces and doorprizes.

Check out the slide show to the right for more photos!

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Stephanie Arrington said...

I loved the blog Kay and all the pretty pictures. Your all in my prayers today have a great summer.