Friday, July 25, 2008

The End of a Tradition

Daniel and I closed out one of our favorite traditions with a bang Wednesday. We went through our final registration for high school. Three years ago we registered him for his freshman year at Buena High School and this week we signed up and paid for all the frills of his senior year. My, how time flies.

Because Daniel can't do hardly anything the normal way, we had to sit in the line to see the counselor for a schedule change all four years. Some years we got just what we asked for, some years we got more than what we asked for and this year we got nothing we asked for. Oh well. Each year we paid out a small fortune in fees - band, tennis team, science labs, music theory (we still don't know what that money paid for), parking permit, and a year book. And each year he received a locker that was no where near even one of his classes. As the years passed we grew more and more familiar with the process, the people, and the policies. In the beginning Daniel had nothing good to say about Buena and I felt like we were on a constant uphill climb to navigate the school's policies or lack thereof. But this year Daniel speaks highly of his school and is looking forward to beginning his senior year, not so much because he is glad for high school to be coming to a close, but because he really enjoys it.

Wednesday was not only our last time to go through the registration process; it was a reminder of how much God has done in Daniel's life during the past three years. We moved here with great amounts of hesitation, fear, and skepticism. It was a hard move and some of the circumstances at Buena didn't make it any easier. But God made a way. He is good and faithful to always make a way. Right now Daniel is in the top 4% of his class, has numerous friends, is liked by his teachers, and enjoys his life. I do not exaggerate when I say I stand amazed. You have no idea. I am proud of my son, but more importantly, I'm thrilled with my God.

Daniel and I closed out Wednesday's ritual with one more very important tradition. All four years of his high school career we wound up our registration day by going to Pizza Hut for the buffet. The only difference this year was that Daniel, my wonderful, grown up, responsible, wage earning son, paid for lunch!

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Angela said...

Ok I couldn't help but cry while reading your post. All this starting school and the past years coming to a close is hard on a mom's heart! Many prayers and hugs to you on that first day!!!