Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vacation's Over!

We're home from vacation! Our family spent a week with my parents and my brother and his family, celebrating my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. We ate out, took lots of pictures, went to Six Flags, and "visited" a lot. We had a blast. And I'm so proud of my parents for enjoying 50 years of marriage. More on that near their actual anniversary date in August!

But not only did we enjoy visiting with family; we enjoyed just some time off and time away. It's always good to take a break from normal. Not that normal is bad. Our normal is very fulfilling and good. But a change of scenery and pace is often needed to jump start our souls a little. We had that and it was good.

Now we're back to normal. James and I take our walks around the city parks each morning, I feed the dogs and he waters the plants, I eat breakfast and drink my coffee while reading my Bible, he hurries off to work where he has his quiet time and prepares his messages. Meanwhile the kids sleep. They do eventually get up and do their normal things too! Of course normal also means paying bills, doing laundry, cooking dinner, writing queries and articles, and running errands. Some of it is a blast, some of it is a drag. In the end it all balances out and the good outweighs the bad! Normal.

While I love vacation and could use a few more weeks of it, I am thankful for a very good normal. I'm glad that we returned to a nice home, a full schedule, a mail box full of mail, friends we enjoy, and jobs we feel called to. We are not sick or in want or lonely or injured or scared about where our next meal will come from. We are, in fact, blessed.

Yes, the vacation may be over, but normal isn't so bad either. In fact it is good.

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