Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Shameless Plea for Help

Guess what? I'm currently 2nd place in a contest I didn't even know I was entered in! I recently published my new Bible study The View From My Front Porch on so that other women's Bible study teachers could purchase it for their groups. I had some requests and wanted to make it accessible while I was still searching for a reputable publishing house to pick it up (hopefully!). Turns out my sales on are pretty good and I'm in the running for some pretty amazing cash prizes!

I've already had a few friends request that they be able to teach the book to their study groups and they have already purchased theirs. Since then I sent out a letter to some friends and acquaintances to make them aware of the book as well. I think a few of those people have made purchases as well. Still, to win the contest, I'm sure I need more sales. If you're reading this blog - all 4 of you - and you'd like to check out my " 2nd place best seller" simply follow this link. You should end up at the preview page for my book. If not, just go to and put my name in the search engine and you'll be directed to it. The cost of the book is $15, but if you purchase 25 or more there is a noticeable discount. It really is a great study for groups. I have included discussion questions at the end of each chapter and there is a lot to talk about! This is current stuff... worldviews.... biblical womanhood. I got great reviews from the 50+ women at my church who completed the study. I hope you'll like it too!

The View From My Front Porch at

I love you more than chocolate biscuits if you buy one or more! Actually I won't even know if you order or not. But if you do, be sure to let me know what you think!

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