Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Abby Had Good Day Number 2

It just thrills this mom's soul when her daughter comes home from the largest high school in the world and tells her she had a great day! For the second day in a row Abby did just that.

Abby walks in my office door beaming her infectious smile and says, "Another wonderful day!" and my hearts melts.

"What's so wonderful about it?" asks her oh-so-mature and not-so-emotive brother.

"Nothing bad happened!" chirps Abigail.

Daniel seems less than impressed and continues doing whatever it is he does on the computer (None of us know because he flips from one screen to another too fast for us to tell if he's trading commodities or sending encoded messages to a spy group or just reading political comics. Don't worry, I know he's not doing anything too wrong because my desk is right behind his chair and I can see every screen. I just can't read that fast!).

But back to my happy daughter... isn't it grand that she was so thrilled with her day just because nothing bad happened? I don't know if that means that usually terrible things happen at that huge city they call a school, or if she's just extremely content. At any rate, I'm happy because she's happy. You see whoever made the wise-crack that "Ain't nobody happy if momma ain't happy" didn't really know a mom's heart. The truth is momma ain't happy if her chillun's ain't happy. That's just the honest-to-God truth of the matter.

Today, I'm happy!


Lisa Lucy said...

I hear ya, sister! How wonderful for Abby. If I could get through one day without anything bad happening, I would be thrilled too. I'll let you know when that happens... I'm still waiting. *wink* Lisa Sexton

P.S. I thoroughly enjoyed your talk at MOPS. You are such a gifted speaker... thank you for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

Political comics is pretty accurate.