Monday, July 27, 2009

A Good Hair Day

Warning!!! If you can't stomach a little vanity in good humor, you might want to skip today's entry! I'm just being real here, so if you're game, take this in the good spirit in which it is intended and read on!

Never underestimate the power of a good hair day! Personally, the older I get, the more things like good hair days mean to me. Face it, your hair is about the only thing that can be better on some days than others. All of your other attributes you're pretty much stuck with. They age and may even age well, but they don't surprise you with delightful and unusual cooperation day to day. I mean, my eyes are pretty much always the same, as are my lips. And I have yet to experience a perky little nose day. No it's always long and pointy regardless of humidity levels, wind, or the type of conditioner I use. But, thank God, every once in a while I get the thrill of an especially nice hair day!

It never fails that if I do get a good hair day, I have absolutely no where to go. No one gets to see my perfectly coifed head except maybe my family. And I don't fool myself by thinking that any of them even notice. So today I'm sharing my good hair with you!

What's a good hair day to you? Good hair for me means it's not frizzed with humidity, it doesn't look like Betty Boop, the gray takes on a silvery sheen instead of a flat metallic hue, and there's just enough height to do Texas proud but not so much as to make Arizonans stare! It means it swings naturally but it still keeps its shape. And I look more blonde than I really am. That's mighty fine hair!

It's actually pretty easy to have good hair here in Arizona. That is indeed one of the perks of living out here in the desert. My friend Ed who lives in New York recently travelled out to Phoenix to a football game. When he returned to New York he told his wife Anna, my college roomate, that all the women in Arizona have the same, wonderful hair. Now to me that's pretty amazing when an ex-football player even notices women's hair and the quality thereof.

So, having a good hair day today and once again having no where to go (legitimately, that is) to show it off, I decided to take some pictures and share it with the three of you who read this blog. My daughter Abigail was horrified and I suppose I would be too if she did the same. But, c'est la vie! I'm having a good hair day. And that, my friend, is a blessing!

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justjanne said...

excellente! still chuckling! you're so beautiful inside & out that I hardly notice those individual features..