Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just a little tip

I've never shared this with anyone until today when my 15-year-old daughter Abby went with me to the grocery store. I usually go grocery shopping by myself. I'm ok with that because I love, love, love the grocery store. I tend to spend way much time and money there. But that is not what I've never told anyone. Many people know this weakness of mine.

As I pulled into the parking lot at the grocery store today, I told Abby my bright idea about where to park. It is my theory that when grocery shopping with a cart as opposed to a little carry basket, one should always park not near the doors, but near the grocery cart return dowappy. I certainly need the exercise of walking a long way from my car to the store and back again, but I hate having to hunt for a cart dowappy once I am through unloading my groceries into my car. Thus, I always park near one. I personally think this is a brilliant tip, but I have hesitated to tell others about it because I don't want them to take all the parking places near the cart dowappies. As it is, these spaces are generally easy to find right now because most people waste their time parking near the store then having to hunt for a place for their buggy. I personally can't stand it when there isn't a dowappy anywhere near my car and I end up walking the buggy back to the store. That is a huge waste of my time!

Yeah, I'm a pretty shallow person. But efficient, too. Got any bright tips like this to share? Please do, just remember they have to be silly, inconsequential, and completely nonessential. That's pretty much the categories all of my bright ideas fall into.

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Danielle said...

Now I know who's competing for my spot! I do the same thing - especially when I have my kids in tow.